Empowering Educators with Oak National Academy

Led an engineering team to design, develop and launch an interactive curriculum web application used by over 25,000 teachers in the UK school system. Engineered dynamic monitoring tools that ensured the timely delivery of exceptional quality course content.

Pioneering Digital Transformation with a Leading Market Research Provider

Led innovation workshops to explore the industry landscape and establish strategic focus. Designed a framework to digitize and modernize the client’s research offering, integrating an extensive distributed library into a connected architecture.

Unlocking Big Data APIs with Venture Scanner

Developed architecture and implementation of a robust data pipeline, integrating machine learning algorithms to automatically ingest and categorize hundreds of millions of data points in real-time with minimal disruption.

Innovating Market Landscapes with Venture Scanner

Led the design and development of a digital platform for interactive market reports, financial data analysis and activity trackers for innovation teams, investors and entrepreneurs.

Empowering Non-Profits and Volunteers with It’s Your District

Designed, built and launched a platform for San Francisco-based non-profits to promote themselves, connect with other organizations and recruit volunteers.

Securing Educational Video with Teachscape

Built a video library application with integrated secure video uploading, transcoding and publishing pipeline for thousands of schools in the US, with a focus on security and reliability.

Expanding Medical Knowledge with SharePractice

Managed design and development of an iOS application integrating extensive medical data used by thousands of medical professionals as a collaborative knowledge base and diagnosis tool.

Empowering Content Creators with 25c

Designed and developed a monetization API for content creators to get revenue directly from their subscribers. Built embeddable, interactive donation widgets to engage users.

Building Beautiful Data Dashboards with Leftronic

Led in-depth user interviews and workshops to establish design and product architecture. Designed and built the core visualization platform. Developed and refined innovative product features from launch to scale.