Web Design


Values are only meaningful when applied. We’ve tried to design and build this website as a reflection of our approach to product development based on transparency, flexibility, and simplicity.


Most agree that websites should be fast, responsive and usable, yet so many websites suffer from a glut of excessive software modules and dependencies.

We try to focus on the core functions of our website: providing compelling content, giving an intro to our company and services and providing a way to get in touch.


After some research into different approaches, we chose to use a static site generator (SSG) to build our website. Although Content Management Systems (CMS) and web frameworks are indispensible for many projects, an SSG is lightning fast and straightfoward. We chose Hugo for its simplicity and elegance.


We decided to minimize external dependencies as much as possible. The simplest way to do that was simply to forgo Javascript libraries and rely on HTML and CSS. This also allows us to avoid the overhead of maintaining modules and the risk of linking to third parties.

None of us like being tracked, yet it has become the status quo of the internet. Avoiding cookies can be time consuming and distracting. We decided to not use any tracking code in order to improve the user experience as well as keep our site lean and quick.


Our focus on our core principles and the user experience led us to a simple approach that suits our current needs. By keeping dependencies minimal we can improve our user experience and reduce maintenance complexity and technical debt. By using a barebones approach, we can be flexible and ready to adapt to our needs in the future.


Questions, thoughts and feedback? Let’s talk.